Building Peace through Community

For me it’s always a wonderful sight to see people of the community gather in a peaceful manner. Coming together under the banner of Christ only sweetens the deal. I don’t know why I haven’t attended either the Hope Musical Festival or the Midtown Street Fair before. I’ve lived in New Albany for nearly two years after all. The Midtown Street fair began at 11 in the morning of September 20th, and led into the Hope Music Festival. The former was located on the corner of 13th and Oak, while the latter took place in the adjacent Ritter Park.


Jamie enjoyed a game of toss the ring on the soda bottle, and then posed for this picture.

While I knew there would be plenty of church representation, I was pleasantly surprised by the other organizations that turned out. Among those that came were the City Library and the Lewis and Clark Historical Society. Needless to say I came away feeling a bit more knowledgeable. Perhaps the thing that most surprised me was just how much fun I had. I don’t think it’s entirely circumstantial either.


The people of the library know how to have fun.


John Scott will tell you everything you need to know about the Lewis & Clark expedition.

Let me back up for a second. I planned on using the Street Fair as an excuse to invite some out of town friends to visit. As it were “life happened” the week leading up to the event. One of my friends lost his job, and my out of town mother became sick with cancer. It didn’t seem like much cause for celebration. But I found myself completely enamored by a wonderful sleight of hand artist. I found myself hanging on every word about Lewis & Clark from some wonderful historians. I even enjoyed the musical artists who may have been slightly outside of my musical tastes.


James was not afraid to bust a move.

In short my takeaway from the weekend was that life happening is a guarantee, but peace takes effort. During events such as the Midtown Street Fair or the Hope Music Festival, you may not know what any given person is experiencing. But you can be a beacon of peace, and share the gifts God gave you, and make someone’s day just a little brighter.