My Immient Return?

Earlier this year I attended my first ever convention, and while it was good in and of itself I did not think it would be a time of personal growth. Yet I came out of it with a fresh perspective, deepened friendships, and also all of the ideas. One of the biggest ideas was creating my own website. I have had many a blog in the past, but they have lacked focus and were driven by fear more than what I love. So after being out of the blogosphere for a year or so I am returning, kind of. My hopes are that this website will be a hub for all of the work I do around the Internet. I currently write and produce videos for, and will be starting work with Clean Socks Hope sooner than later. But with the idea of creating that website came the idea of its focus. I came to the realization that when it comes to conversational topics there are only six broad categories I can talk about at length. Along with that I can only write extensively about those six categories. I could try to write about sports, but I don’t know much about them. So I would not be a very good sports columnist. That’s not to say that I am not interested in other subjects, but they would be auxiliary to my main subjects. Enough vagueness though without further ado I would like to present to you these six categories, and thus the backbone of my personal website. Note these are presented in descending order of importance.


  1. Photography- I don’t want to be a professional photographer, but I do want to be a really good amateur. I want to learn good manual exposure and manual focus. I love beauty and taking pictures is a great way of capturing that beauty.
  2. Film- I do want to be a good filmmaker, however filmmaking is just a tool to reaching people. If it ever becomes about the money or the process and not the people then I am doing it wrong. I also love watching movies and learning about people, and how I can help them. I love every aspect of filmmaking, but would be lying if I pretended to be good at all of them. My strengths include producing (the vision of a movie), scripting (character arcs), and editing (post production). I’m pretty thorough and self critical about what I create.
  3. Nostalgia- This category was originally entitled “Nintendo”, but I decided that it would be better to lump video games as whole under nostalgia. I do love video games though, but mostly as they relate to nostalgia. There are other things that remind me of my childhood and I like revisiting them. I also like discovering that someone else is nostalgic about the same thing I am.
  4. Weird things- I am (or can be) rather strange. I like weird humor and people, but a “good” weird (like puns!) and not “bad” weird (I don’t want to know if you eat your toe jam, gross). Overall I just like having a good sense of humor and others that do so as well.
  5. Thinking Different- This refers not only to my love of Apple computers (and really only the computers, not so much the mobile platform), but also my outside the box approach to solving issues, and everything!
  6. Jesus-The most important are of my life. Jesus relates to my spiritual beliefs, community, taking things seriously and also thinking deeply. This is also the category is backbone of all other categories.


So these are the things I will be covering on this site. In a future post I hope to explain how these things help me relate to people and make friends, but until then its second star on the right and straight on till morning.